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Now We're a Nine Legged Family

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Now We're a Nine Legged Family

True Love, Happy Valentine’s Day

February 10th, 2010 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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 Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

(I still seem blog challenged but Romeo really deserves to have his picture posted—it’s been months)

Greta and Romeo have always been raised as siblings. I’ve always referred to Romeo as my first born so when we came home from the hospital with Greta we brought him a big brother gift! Everyone brought dog biscuits and presents for Romeo to our baby shower.

Romeo has been watching over Greta since the day she was born. One of the unexpected gifts of Romeo’s surgery was how much Greta has taken care of Romeo as well. When we told Greta about Romeo’s diagnosis and surgery she was only six and she was the one who declared, “We used to be a ten-legged family, now we’re a nine-legged family.” It was very difficult for Greta(and all of us) when we first picked Romeo up after surgery. Within a few hours, however, she was taking care of him. When I see Greta’s love and devotion to Romeo, it makes me feel like I have done something right as a parent. She is incredibly proud of Romeo. She loves to bring him to school and she now draws all her animals with three legs! She will tell anyone who will listen Romeo is a Tripawd! Romeo always loved Greta, but it seemed his primary relationship was with us. Something shifted as Romeo celebrates his ampuversaries—he is still a momma’s boy of course, but he now seems to have his own special relationship with his little sister.

If there are parents out there wondering how their children will deal with a beloved dog’s surgery, for us the experience has brought us even closer as a family. In a way, our daughter has really blossomed as she is the proud sister of a Tripawd. And she loves keeping track of all you Tripawds out there(and she is still asking if there is anyway we can adopt Travis Ray….)! 

 Romeo’s six month ampuversary is coming up on February 17th! And even though Greta has been taking care of him—-don’t think he isn’t full of energy and amazing stamina! Today New Haven was all but shut down by a huge storm, and Romeo just LOVED the snow. He found those gusts of wind positively enchanting! And yesterday we were watching our two-year old lab neighbor Maizy (who may be the worlds most energetic dog)—and Romeo outran her (he took off down the street actually) to greet my partner.  Greta thinks he may run even faster as a Tripawd and sometimes I think it’s true……

We’re thankful for every day our boy is here to teach us about love. And we’re praying we’ll be celebrating many more ampuversaries.  

It’s a little early but Happy Valentine’s Day to all the amazing Tripawds and their familes! We so grateful to all of you for your wisdom, love, and support.

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  • jack crowder

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your wonderful family! What a beautiful story. Your “kids” are bonding in a very special way. You should be proud of Greta and how she is caring for her “brother.” We look forward to more postings and updates, enjoy!

  • admin

    What a great post, and timely too! A couple of our newest Tripawds Bloggers have written about their children.

    Thanks for the update and thank you for upgrading Romeo’s blog with our latest Tripawds Supporter Subscription! 🙂

  • jakesmom

    Happy Valentine’s to you too!!! Greta is an amazing little girl, and I wouldn’t be surprised to know that she decides to become a vet one day! She already has alot of love and compassion for Romeo!!! 🙂

    Stay warm under all that snow!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  • romeo2

    Dear Shelby, Jakesmom, and Admin: Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I’m having trouble seeing my blog so I’m so grateful you guys are! I’m very proud of Romeo and Greta. I really wanted to share their story.
    Eve (and Romeo too)

  • anyemery

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you, too! What a great post – I love how our kids are so proud of their tripawds. My girls are older than Greta, and also seemed to take it in stride that Holly would get along just fine on 3 legs. I think they have faith in Holly and in her spirit and are willing and happy to live one day at a time with her. It sounds like Greta understands that very well, too!
    Holly hopes Romeo gets lots of yummy treats on his ampuversary!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  • Peyton's Path

    Happy Valentine’s Day Romeo and Family! That is very sweet that Greta has taken Romeo under her wing. What a wonderful family!!

    Happy Ampuversary in a couple days!


  • Opie

    Hi Romeo!

    First off, that is an incredible photo of you and Greta walking down the road. What a cool story. I wish I had a two legged sister, I’m an only kid, but it’s still nice sometimes…I get all the treats. Happy St. Valentine’s Day to you and your pawesome family! Opie.

  • travisray

    Hey Romeo and Greta,

    Just thinking of you….love those pix of you two together!

    Travis Ray

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