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Now We're a Nine Legged Family

Miracle Day

October 7th, 2009 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Edgerton Park Fair 2009 342Romeo will have his two month ampuversary on October 17th. We just wanted to share what an amazing day he had yesterday and hopefully give some hope to new Tripawds out there–or those considering amputation.

We feel very lucky overall. Romeo has made a wonderful recovery. He has been running and playing, but early on we came to the realization he would probably never get his stamina back and those really long walks we loved or simply spending hours in the park would be precious memories. We were fine with that—just grateful to have our boy happy and healthy.

Well yesterday we decided to visit a small park that connects to some very expansive lawns on campus. It’s near our old apartment, where we first lived when we moved to New Haven. Coming from Vermont, we were always in search of green space! We used to walk there with Romeo regularly and he loved to take off across the magnificent lawns with New Haven’s famous giant elm trees. We probably haven’t visited there in over a year. Well Romeo was so excited—he took off three legs and all, no harness!He just ran and played, chasing sticks, even playing tug of war with my daughter—and tug of war is something he has not really been into for years. He rolled down the hill with my daughter, showing his belly, just acting wacky! I kept trying to get him to slow down and rest, but would not listen. He was celebrating life! Loving the fall air and having so much fun. I had to call my partner to to tell her to stop by on her way home from work. She just had to see Romeo! When her car pulled up he took off full throttle. It was almost surreal watching him run and run! Like he was trying out for the Tripawd Olympics!

As we were leaving, we ran into a dog that seemed so sweet, but was not allowed to say hello—her tail was wagging and she looked at Romeo so longingly. I don’t want to judge, but you know sometimes you get the sense an anti-social human is condemming their dog to the same life? Something in that dog’s eyes broke my heart, and I looked at Romeo and I can say he has had a wonderful life. I know his life will not be as long as we had expected, or as long as he deserves, but he’s had a good life.  And he’s known great joy!  After the surgery, we resolved to treasure every day, just trying to take it one day at a time, every day our beautiful boy is with us is a gift.

We expected Romeo might be a little tired today and he certainly was. No Tripawd Olympics tonight. Who knows if he’ll ever have a day like that again, but we’ll always remember Romeo’s great joy and amazing speed, his love of life, his miracle day October 6, 2009.

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  • Tina

    What a great story! We’ve had a few great moments like that since our amputation on Sept 17th. Toby get’s tired but I can see he’s happy. I’m grateful for these beautiful moments and days. Hugs to yours!

  • jakesmom

    What a wonderful day for Romeo! Thanks so much for sharing… and Happy 2 month Ampuversary!! I hope that he has many more ampuversaries… and many more miracle days! Love the picture of Romeo playing tug of war with your daughter. Precious memories…

    Jake will have his 1 month ampuversary on that same day! He hasn’t been able to run like Romeo yet… but maybe that’s because his mom is still a bit too paranoid… He initially broke his leg while running and playing in the backyard… and that’s what led to his diagnosis and the whole osteosarcoma nitemare…

    Jake’s Mom

  • cairasue

    Yay Romeo!
    This is a beautiful post. And what a beautiful daughter you have! You and your partner are blessed.

    I have found that Caira seems to not have as much stamina if we go on walks around the neighborhood. Same ole Same ole. But when we go to someplace “special” that she knows about she can go for a very long time!

    Romeo must have been the happiest dog on earth today! Thank you for writing the day up. I have the biggest smile on my face!

  • ldillon81

    Hey Romeo! Sorry for the late post, but I just came across your blog! So…..HAPPY 2 MONTH AMPUVRSARY!!!!!! I’m so excited that you got to go be a big goofy dog with your 2 legged sister and that you had a truly fabulous day. And Eve, you have a beautiful little family 🙂

    <3 Laura and Jackers

  • Opie

    Romeo’s mom,
    Opie here. Thanks for telling me and my Mom about how tired you were for ten days. It really helps to keep us calm. You really helped my pawrents breathe a little easier. Mom took me to the vets today and they gave me tramadol. I am still tired, but resting easier now. Thanks!

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